Project Overview

Client: --

Location: Castle Bromwich, Solihull, West Midlands, UK

Site area: -- m²

Building footprint: -- m²

Year: 2014 (3rd Year University project)

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The scheme is arranged around a central building which stretches out, across the site, through the use of an elevated track, which is assembled by a mechanical arm.


Once the track is assembled a movable arm moves along the track to the site and ‘prints’ the structure through a process called contour crafting. After the new unit has been printed the arm disassembles the track and retreats to the central building.


Site Context

The construction of the HS2 line through Castle Bromwich will result in the closure and partial demolition of the Castle Bromwich Business Park. This will displace a number of industries which currently reside on the site.


As part of my architectural proposal I will not only seek to provide a new location for the displaced industries but also incorporate the existing industries technologies and products into my proposal.



The following images are sketches from my work book showing how the scheme developed.

Innovation Unit Construction




D6_2 Plan 00
D6_2 Plan 01



D6_2 Section A-A
D6_2 Section B-B



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