Project Overview

Client: Documentary Filmmaker

Location: Ludgate Hill, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, UK

Site area: 248.911 m²

Building footprint: 86.069 m²

Year: 2012 (2nd Year University project)



This project was influenced by the tradition of working and living in the same vicinity, in the context of Birmingham's manufacturing history.


In addition to the living spaces the brief also called for an editing suite and a small viewing room.

In keeping with the concept of working and living in the same spaces the client's interests were factored into the design.


These interests included: Collecting photographs; New York USA; John Grierson; Ridley Scott; Rem Koolhaas; Tom Kundig; The Film "Blow-Up"; Lou Reed; REM; 16 Horsepower; Artist Jeff Wall.

Site Context


The site is located on Ludgate Hill in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.



In addition to incorporating the filmmaker's interests into my design I also looked at the Farnley Hey house by Peter Womersley, which makes use of open and overlapping interior spaces.


The building curves round an existing structure to the south-east to form an ‘L’ shape. The 'back' and 'heel' of the L, on both ground floor and first floor, contain the living areas of the building. The 'foot' section on the ground floor makes up the work area; which consists of an editing suite and small viewing room.

Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Roof Plan



01 Living room

02 Kitchen

03 Editing suite

04 Viewing room

05 Bathroom

06 Bedroom


Section A-A
Section B-B
Front view from Ludgate Hill

Front view from Ludgate Hill

Rear View from canal pathway

Rear View from canal pathway

Living room

Living room

Editing suite

Editing suite

Viewing room

Viewing room



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