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About Me

Sam, Samuel, Forsyth, Birmingham, Architecture, Student, Graphic, Designer, Photo, Profile, About, Me

Born 1989, UK. 


From a very early age I have had a passion for building models of my own design. As a child I would often build models out of paper and cardboard. At the age of five I had constructed the Bat-cave from only paper.


At sixth form I studied Art & Design and Design & Technology and went on to earn a Foundation Degree in Art & Design. During this time I diversified into 3D and found this area to be my strength.


I now have a BA (Hons) in Architecture and am keen to pursue a career in this profession because I feel that it is an area in which I will be able to excel. I am looking to learn from professionals in the field of design, gain experience in the business world and to develop as a designer and as a person.


Since graduating, I have undertaken various creative projects, both paid and voluntary, which include designing advertisements for local businesses and wall art for a primary school.


I consider Architecture to be a fascinating area of study and continue to research new building styles, materials and technologies in a effort to broaden my knowledge and creativity.

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