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Project Overview

Client: --

Location: Cliveland Street, Gun Quarter, Birmingham, UK

Site area: --

Building footprint: --

Year: 2013 (2nd Year University project)




Samuel Forsyth, Architecture, Birmingham, Gun Quarter, Cliveland Street

Site Context

The gun quarter is made up of a dense collection of structures. The purpose of these structures is unvaried and the buildings themselves are largely unchanged, with the exception of some renovations to existing building and some recently constructed residential buildings.

Gun Quarter - Site context
Gun Quarter - Site location
Gun Quarter - Figure ground
Gun Quarter - Contour map

Buildings tent to back onto each other and are only broken up by roads, car parks and the occasional derelict space.


The fine urban grain has resulted in very cramped spaces, which has made some of the buildings to appear to have been ‘tacked’ onto the side of pre-existing structures.

With the buildings in the gun quarter not only so close together, but also close to the road, the limited space for pedestrians creates a string feeling of enclosure. This is best exemplified by the canal side path; there is only a pathway on one side of the canal, the other has structures which extent to the canal itself.


The single pathway is also a national cycle route, and at approximately two meters wide is considerably cramped, especially as the nearby structures do not leave much room with foliage and vegetation, and what there is of it is overgrown and encroaches onto the pathway.





The following images are sketches from my work book showing how the scheme developed:


D5_1_06 Plan 00.png
D5_1_06 Plan 01.png


D5_1_06 SEC 01.png
D5_1_06 SEC 02.png


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